Document Management System

Document Management SystemDocument Loss and Expensive Document Storage Cost are the major issues normally encountered by most organizations in current days, especially when they are dealing with a large number of traditional paper documents.

Fortunately, nowadays we have the solution which is by enforcing a Digital Office.

In a Digital Office environment, paper documents are transformed into image file and stored digitally. The documents then can be shared, searched, retrieved, viewed, and even circulated virtually from networked computer through an application which is commonly known as Document Management System.

In addition, organization can even save more time and money by implementing workflow solution to streamline business processes electronically throughout and beyond the enterprise-easily, accurately, efficiently, and consistently. As in today business, working efficiently isn’t a goal – it’s a mandate for survival. You need every advantage to stay ahead of your competitors.

Information & Process Management
Information & Process Management

More Specific Benefits of Enforcing Digital Office :

  • Increased Response Time – Retrieve, update, store, and circulate document more quickly
  • Storage Space Efficiency – Dramatically reduces the size of storage space, replacing the warehouse with much smaller electronic storage media such as harddisk, CD, or MOD
  • Reduced Overhead Cost such as for paper, photo-copy, file cabinet, etc.
  • No document loss / damage
  • Document Sharing – Access to single document by multi users simultaneously
  • Tight Security – a mechanism to control document access rights of each user in organization
  • Helps enforce business policies
  • Reduces or eliminates process bottlenecks – presented by staff absences and turnover
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