Websense, Inc. is a global leader in integrated Web security, data security, and email security solutions, protects approximately 40 million employees at more than 40,000 organizations worldwide.

Distributed through its global network of channel partners, Websense® security solutions help organizations block malicious code, prevent the loss of confidential information, and enforce Internet use and security policies. Websense delivers best-in-class security solutions that allow organizations to work in new, more efficient, and innovative ways and that keep employees productive anytime, anywhere. That is Essential Information Protection™.

Websense has its roots in Web filtering and continues to develop its core strength in discovering and classifying content across all its product offerings. Websense helps organizations secure essential information by providing unprecedented visibility into and management of the internal and external movement of essential information in the Web 2.0 world.


Websense Web Security solutions

Websense Web Security solutions are the market’s leading Web security filtering solutions. A database of over 90 customizable Web categories, including constantly updated security categories, enables organizations worldwide to manage acceptable use policy and block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, keylogging, and other threats. In addition, advanced application and network protocol controls mitigate risks associated with unwanted applications like P2P and IM. With flexible on-premise software or SaaS deployment options, Websense Web Security solutions provide organizations of every size with the core defense needed to limit access to sites with malware and increase employee productivity.

Websense Web Security solutions offer:

  • Dynamic Protection against Web Malware – Constant ThreatSeeker® Network cloud-based security intelligence updates block access to pages known to host Web exploits.
  • Employee Productivity – Over 90 customizable Web content categories and advanced application controls enable highly granular acceptable use policies.
  • Flexible Deployment –On-premise software and SaaS deployment options can be flexibly deployed to meet specific operational and cost requirements.
  • Simple, scalable management – The Web Security solutions centralized management architecture scales from the small single-site business to the large Fortune 100 distributed enterprise.

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Websense Data Security Solutions

Data Loss Prevention Solutions to Secure Confidential Data and Manage Risk and Compliance

Websense® data loss prevention (DLP) technologies provide market-leading DLP capabilities designed to secure sensitive information and intellectual property, as well as manage and enforce regulatory requirements.

  • Prevent Loss of Sensitive Data
    With the ability to identify and monitor organizations’ sensitive data, Websense DLP solutions help prevent data loss through data transmission and exchange including email, Web, USB, and other channels.
  • Increase Visibility into Where Data is Sent and Stored
    Websense DLP solutions provide visibility into where data resides, where it’s sent and by whom.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance
    Simplify the task of ensuring regulatory compliance with built-in templates for financial, health care, and other regulated industries by using Websense DLP solutions.

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Websense Email Security Solutions

Increase Email Protection While Lowering Cost of Ownership

Websense® email security solutions integrate best-in-class email security with Web security and data security technology to achieve unparalleled visibility into emerging threats and one of the highest levels of email protection from inbound and outbound email security risks.

  • Stop Spam and Blended Threats
  • Increase email protection with leading security against spam, viruses, and converged email and Web threats, backed by the power of the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network.
  • Prevent Data Loss and Email Policy Violations
    Prevent data loss and enforce policies on acceptable email use with granular and highly accurate content filtering.
  • Reduce Cost and Complexity
    Reduce administrative time; improve reliability; and lower total cost of ownership while allowing administrators to retain the policy control they need.