Content Security Solution

Privacy breach and Downtime result in drop in financial losses and productivity, so a robust and resilient IT infrastructure has to be put in place. Security is indispensable with computing environments, moreover when you are connected to internet.

All Internet content you read, send or receive carries a risk. Firewalls, passwords, and encryption can’t protect you. Content violations cost billions of dollars each year. They are the network threats that destroy or waste more resources than any other. They are also the threats against which most organizations are least protected:

  • Viruses in e-mails
  • Malicious code downloaded from websites
  • Leaked trade secrets
  • Recreational surfing and e-mail
  • Spam that wastes bandwidth, time, and disk space


  • 75% of virus attacks now delivered via attachments
  • 84% of all confidential information loss (both accidental and on purpose) is generated internally by employees (Source : IDC Report)
  • Unsolicited junk or spam mail, costs Internet users world-wide £6.4bn a year (A European Commission report)
  • 5Mb attachment of a joke screensaver consumes the same bandwidth as 160 plain text emails

Partnering with names like Kaspersky, Websense, Symantec, and other prominent content security service providers, we will help your organization increasing Network Security – Minimizing the risks from viruses, Trojan Horses, and junk mail. We will make sure your organization’s assets are protected against viruses and external threats.

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