Document Scanning Service

1The ever increasing business competition demands us to work fast and innovatively, including the way how we manage our business documents.

Trend shows that nowadays many people have changed the way they are dealing with documents from using paper based document towards using digital based document. Reason being, there are a lot more of advantages of managing documents in digital format, such as among others:

  • Storage Space Efficiency – dramatically reduces the size of storage space, replacing the warehouse with much smaller electronic storage media
  • As a Backup unit, in case of bad things happen with your original document, at least you still have a backup copy of it in digital format
  • No document loss / damage, since you are keeping and accessing your documents through your computing device, this reduces the risk of loosing your documents
  • Ease of Document Distribution (via email)
  • Reduced Overhead Cost: such as minimizing paper usage, photo-copy, etc.
  • Fast Retrieval
  • Document Sharing, access to single document by many users simultaneously
  • And more…

Normally the paper documents need to be scanned in order to be converted into digital format. In organization which deals with a large number of documents, however completing the document backlog conversion process in a reasonable time frame would be highly resource-consuming and cost-ineffective.

Hence, besides providing the related Document Management System application, PT Asiasoft Nusantara as a Total Document Management Solution Provider also provides outsourcing service for performing bulk document scanning exercise.

The customers do not need to be worried of thinking how to take care of this conversion process, since we will carry out all the necessary jobs for them.

The customers will receive their converted paper document either in the form of image files (TIFF, PDF) in structured virtual folders, or a Ready-to-Use Document Management System along with the converted documents inside.

You can entrust the process of your document digitalization to us ! Backed up with reliable team and equipments, we are ready to take your company to the new realm of Paperless Office !