ELO Digital Office

ELO Digital OfficeELO® Digital Office is a product solution which contains several functionalities such as Document Management System, Knowledge Management, Content Management, and Workflow.

ELO Interface
ELO Interface

Generally, ELO® Digital Office offers :

  • Reliable, Secure and Easy to Use
    ELO as product side is a reliable system with offer huge features which needed in imaging and workflow system. This application has several security systems which can restrict accesses to document and workflow
  • Scaleable and System Integrity Solution
    ELO can handle end-to-end solution which can be integrated to other devices and technologies using standard adapters. Adapter function is a tool to connect and exchange information with other system/applications
  • Flexible and Expandable Solution
    A comprehensive system architecture which enable user to customize and expand the system to more powerful solution, more than the built-in in ELO Digital Office solution
  • Full Connectivities
    ELO has a great connectivity to other systems like ERP, Lotus Notes, Fax Server, etc.
  • Business Process Support
    ELO fully support business process or workflow support. Workflow can run to circulate the document from one user to another to perform a particular work procedure
ELO Workflow
ELO Workflow Designer Interface